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Baby Bed , Mosquito Net ,child cart,Kids
Baby Bed , Mosquito Net ,child cart,Kids
Baby Bed , Mosquito Net ,child cart,Kids
Baby Bed , Mosquito Net ,child cart,Kids

Baby Bed , Mosquito Net ,child cart,Kids

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About the product

·         ♥ Material:Polyester

·         ♥ Size:70x120cm/27.6x47.2 in

·         ♥ T-shaped zipper design, 360 degrees to prevent mosquitoes, insects from entering. Metal zippers are durable.

·         ♥ With a bottomed design, it effectively prevents mosquitoes from entering the bottom without worrying about the baby being bitten by a mosquito. At the same time protect your baby from falling off the bed

·         ♥ The new type of fiberglass stent has high strength and good quality and can be used for more than 10 years. At the same time, the bracket can be freely stretched 5-10cm, giving you a different space experience

   Product description


  Mothers all know that baby's skin is delicate and it is easy to get red and swollen after being bitten by mosquitoes. The baby is naturally fun, and if it is not blocked, it is easy to fall off the bed

Safe and comfortable.Make a safe and cozy sleep environment
Disadvantages: no!

Environmental protection.made of non-toxic and harmless material.Let baby grow up healthy

Drop-proof design which can protects baby's sleep safety.

It is convenient to clean.mothers can easier to take care of the baby

Physical way to prevent baby being bitten by bugs. Do not use mosquito coils, insect repellents.

There will be no chemical damage to the baby. Particularly suitable for babies with less resistance

Suitable for big bed, small bed, sofa, carpet, indoor, outdoor, camping hiking, fishing

cleaning method
Soak it in clean water for 2~3 minutes. Wash off the dust on the surface. Use 2~3 tablespoons of detergent and put the pot in cold water. After the solution is dissolved, put the mosquito nets and soak for 15~20 minutes. Rub it gently with your hands. Can not be hot water hot, or it will be deformed, rinse with clean water, hang in ventilated place to dry. Wash the mosquito nets, use a plastic bag or cloth to stack them neatly, and store them separately. Don't put a health ball, otherwise it will reduce the intensity and cause stains.

Mosquito net products are not machine washable and cannot be hooked by hard objects.